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We understand that the idea of creating a website for your business can be difficult, and it can get a little overwhelming. What we also understand is the value of a good website, one that contains all the necessary elements that a modern and efficient website should have - and that includes a good service of SEO - Search Engine Optimization, which is the process of increasing your visibility: it’s through a good SEO that the algorithms rank all the content available in search engines such as Google and Bing.

But why is SEO important?

That’s how we’ll guarantee that your website has a constant and steady flow of visitors; having a good SEO will give you organic traffic and attract the right kind of audience to your website: if they’re searching for a specific service, it’s because they have interest; if they have interest, chances of them being customers are huge.

But you don’t have to know any of these things because that’s why we’re here: to go deep into the details and processes, so you don’t have to worry about any of it.

We use the number one e-commerce platform to develop our clients' websites: Shopify is a fast and easy platform that allows you to customize your page according to your business type. See which one of our two options would better suit your needs, and let’s get started!

 Basic: Whether you’re selling a service or a product, we’ll help you identify what topics you should add to your page and how to explore each.

Our team will develop your website to be:

  • Optimized for desktop and mobile usage;
  • Fast and easy with an appealing design and efficient SEO.


Premium: Includes everything in the Basic package + the option to fully personalize your website with a front-end developer that will be responsible for the user-facing code of your page; you’ll be in touch with a professional that fully understands how to:

  • Execute HTML (which provides the basic structure of a website);
  • Manage CSS (it controls the presentation, formatting, and layout);
  • Apply JavaScript (it allows the creation of dynamic elements such as multimedia and animated images).

 We will make sure that visitors make the best of their interaction with your page through a unique and exclusive experience.

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